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Prenatal Care in Saint Paul, Minnesota

Your safety, health, and satisfaction are our utmost goals, especially during the crucial times of pregnancy and after giving birth. As such, we bring comprehensive obstetric/gynecology, midwifery, and telehealth services to ensure the well-being of mothers like you and babies, too. We also provide an in-home IV hydration with anti-nausea medication administration for the early pregnancy vomiting and supplemental OB/prenatal care for those days that you are unable to make your clinic appointments. For quality midwifery in Saint Paul, Minnesota, choose Joy Midwifery LLC.

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Your health can affect your baby. So make sure to get the proper medical care throughout your pregnancy and even after giving birth!

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Joy Midwifery LLC is a house call OB/GYN service intended to keep you connected to care through our mobile health services. Our goal is to provide comprehensive, convenient midwifery care within the comforts of your home without sacrificing quality and safety.

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