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Learning More About Pregnancy and Making a Plan


Almost every study about prenatal care has demonstrated that it improves both fetal and maternal outcomes, especially if the care begins early in the first trimester. According to one study, maternal mortality was reduced when prenatal care began in the first trimester, meaning that women who sought late prenatal care were more at risk. At Joy Midwifery LLC, a trusted and well-established Midwifery in Saint Paul, Minnesota, we will be with you every step of the way throughout your pregnancy.

Prenatal Care in Minnesota includes a combination of office visits, screening, and diagnostic tests, ultrasounds, counseling, education, emotional and social support, and fetal monitoring. At Joy Midwifery house calls, you can skip the office visits because we come to you. We monitor fetal growth, heart rate, maternal blood pressure, and screen for signs of premature labor.

Your child’s development inside the womb is a good indicator of their health. During pregnancy or prenatal appointments, our professionals may measure your child to see how your baby is. Modern technology such as ultra-sounds is used to verify the development of the child and their gender.

Hire Joy Midwifery House calls for supplemental or all your prenatal care needs. We have a streamlined process of electronically transferring your records to your primary clinic if you have one or just make us your primary OB provider. We are here to support you through this beautiful journey

If you want to know the scope of our Women’s Health services, please do not hesitate to give us a call.

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