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Why You Shouldn’t Skip or Miss Your Prenatal Care


Receiving excellent prenatal care in Minnesota ensures that your baby has the best possible start in life. While certain activities may seem unnecessary, such as measuring the belly or weighing in, each of your sessions is planned with you and your baby in mind. Skipping important pregnancy appointments could endanger both you and your baby.

Here are a some of the many reasons why you should never miss or disregard a prenatal appointment:

  • Avoid Pregnancy Complications
    An OB or midwife will monitor your condition for any complications during pregnancy. Some women may experience anemia, urinary tract infections, hypertension, and other types of infections. Even if you don’t have any of these symptoms, your provider will assist you in dealing with other frequent pregnant discomforts such as morning sickness, constipation, or hemorrhoids.
  • Your Baby’s Health Depends on It
    Your baby is trusting you and your body to carry it safely from conception to delivery. This is dependent on you making informed decisions about what you eat, how much you exercise, the quality of your sleep, and your understanding of what is and isn’t normal. Combine this with the measuring and imaging services we offer to track your baby’s progress.
  • Time to Discuss Your Birth Plan
    A birth plan is an essential part of preparing for labor and delivery, as well as the immediate postpartum period. A well-thought-out plan allows you and your OB or midwife to consider all options, putting you and your partner in a better position to respond.

Joy Midwifery LLC is the only place to go if you need excellent and comprehensive midwifery in Saint Paul, Minnesota.

We can also educate you and answer your questions on women’s health. Book an appointment with us today!

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